Join the discussion: Twitter chat on e-health solutions to support mental health

What technical solutions can today's health care worker use to support their patients' mental health? From smartphone apps to online therapy, will innovation save the day or could we lose the human touch?

WHO/Europe is organizing a Twitter chat in collaboration with WeNurses, based in the United Kingdom, to share views, experiences and suggestions. The European Union (EU) project MasterMind is also contributing to discussions.

The chat will take place on Thursday 30 June 2016 from 21:00–22:00 CEST (20.00–21:00 BST).

Taking part in the discussions

  • Clayton Hamilton, Unit Head for eHealth and Innovation at WHO/Europe
  • Mette Atipei Craggs, Project Manager at MasterMind

How to engage

Tweet your comments, suggestions and questions to @WHO_Europe and/or @WeNurses, using the hashtag #WeNurses. Further information is also available on the WeNurses webpage. 

If you are unable to join the live chat, share your thoughts and comments on the Regional Office's Facebook page.


@WeNurses is a weekly Twitter chat predominately aimed at nurses. It takes place every Thursday at 20:00 BST on Twitter using #WeNurses. Heath care professionals run all WeNurses chats on a voluntary basis, informed by the passionate belief that by connecting people and sharing information, ideas and expertise we can share best practices and ultimately provide better care. 


MasterMind is an EU-funded project deploying electronic health (e-health) services for the treatment of depression across Europe. 23 partners from 16 European subregions collaborate and share knowledge in order to achieve real-life, large-scale implementation of two services: computerized cognitive behavioural therapy and video conferencing for collaborative care and treatment of depression. The aim of the MasterMind project is to pave the way for equal access to quality mental health care across Europe. More than 5000 patients have already been included and are receiving treatment based on the services.
From innovation to implementation – eHealth in the WHO European Region

This year WHO/Europe published a report describing the development of and emerging trends in e-health. Its content and key messages are based on data collected from the 2015 WHO Global eHealth Survey and the assistance of a number of key practitioners in the field. The report gives case examples to illustrate success stories in countries and the practical application of e-health in various settings. The key outcomes of the report provide evidence of an increasing appetite for e-health and indicate tangible progress in the mainstreaming of technology-based solutions across the European Region to improve public health and health services delivery.