WHO/Europe Flagship Course on Equity in Health in All Policies

8–10 June 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

The WHO Regional Office for Europe Flagship Course on Equity in Health in All Policies (eHiAP) has been developed to build capacity in the soft skills required to bridge policies and sectors for greater health equity and well-being.

The first Flagship Course will take place on 8–10 June 2016 at UN City in Copenhagen. It has been tailored to support countries participating in the ongoing Nordic Baltic Health 2020 Social Determinants and Health Equity Collaboration and will contribute to the development of a cross-sectoral community of practice in implementing policies for health improvement and fair development.

The event is organized in partnership with the WHO Collaborating Centre on Complex Health Systems Research, Knowledge and Action based at Durham University, United Kingdom.


Policies and systems, such as education, social welfare, labour and development, play pivotal roles in health and influence the risks for inequity in populations.

Systematic intersectoral policy responses are needed. Their practice requires good scientific and policy evidence and, equally importantly, know-how and skills in agenda-setting, stakeholder analysis and negotiating with a wide range of actors who influence policy-making. It is particularly important to know how to frame health equity in different political and policy arenas, how to build alliances and how to manage competing and hostile interests. These "soft skills" are core competences for effective policy entrepreneurs and are essential for advancing the goals of equity in health throughout government, with the involvement of wider society.