European Observatory Venice Summer school 2016

"Primary care: innovating for integrated, more effective care"

24–30 July 2016, Isola di San Servolo, Venice, Italy

The Observatory Venice Summer School 2016 is a one week intensive course aimed at senior and mid level policy makers, civil servants and professionals steering primary care services and those looking at strengthening care, its continuity and integrative functions within and beyond the health system.

Building on participants' own knowledge and expertise, the School will: 

  • Systematize and interpret primary care reform innovations and their implementation
  • Provide tools to assess the performance of primary care systems
  • Explore a series of innovations that can help to strengthen effectiveness 
  • Address how integrative and integrated primary health care systems can serve whole populations, including  vulnerable groups 
  • Address the integration between health care, public health and social services
  • Provide evidence-based country experiences of different systems and innovative models of primary care
  • Review  how provider payments and incentives can ensure primary care fulfills its potential and works effectively with other sectors

The School will equip participants to:

  • Investigate different organizational models for delivering primary care (including public and private provision) 
  • Coordinate different professionals with an appropriate skill mix to best meet patients' needs 
  • Apply tools, frameworks and different approaches to better support and integrate different population groups, including persons in vulnerable situations 
  • Use technological innovations and information system developments to support more effective primary care and better integration 
  • Empower patients and make primary care the guide which advises patients in their path through the health system, and supports them in exercising choice and accessing the right services in the right settings at the right time 
  • Integrate public health services into primary care
  • Answer the questions:    
    • How can innovation be shared and applied in practice in very different European systems, given the path dependency of provision?
    • How can innovation be used to include vulnerable groups whether they are migrants; minorities; in isolated rural communities; or otherwise excluded? 
    • How can professionals, carers and consumers be engaged in and support implementation?
    • How can the most fitting strategies be identified in a given national context?

Submit your CV and application form before 31 May 2016

Summer School's fee: € 2,200 (including teaching material, accommodation, meals, social programme, and transfers between the airport and the island upon arrival/departure)

More information and on-line application on our website.