Workshop on strategic procurement of new medicines

22–23 September 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

The objectives of the workshop, hosted by the health technologies and pharmaceuticals programme of WHO/Europe, are to:

  • share country experiences of best/innovative practices promoting strategic procurement;
  • understand obstacles faced by countries in providing access to new health products;
  • identify future procurement-related opportunities and directions to increase sustainable access to new medicines in the WHO European Region; and
  • discuss the role of the WHO Regional Office for Europe and its partners.


Strategic procurement is a growing area of interest across Europe especially with growing budgetary pressures. Greater proactive collaboration in this area between countries, including countries with smaller populations and, thus, having limited power to negotiate with industry effectively, may facilitate access to new medicines. In this regard, there are a number of opportunities and barriers to consider. However, this should not preclude countries with similar characteristics from proactive collaboration on strategic procurement, within the limits of what current regulations allow.