Third High-level Meeting of Small Countries

11–12 October 2016, Monaco

On 11–12 October 2016, Monaco will host the Third High-level Meeting of Small Countries: the 8 Member States of the WHO European Region with a population of less than 1 million. At the meeting, participants will consider the role of small countries in the complex interplay between health and sustainable development, and the inherent advantages that small countries have as pioneers in the global health agenda.

The meeting also aims to find common denominators between the global (Sustainable Development Goals) and European (Health 2020) strategic visions for health and sustainable development, offering the perspective of small countries.

The meeting has several expected outcomes.

  • Review the implementation status of Health 2020 in the WHO European Region and particularly in small countries.
  • Foster an awareness of the inherent advantages that small countries have in further advancing the implementation of Health 2020 and in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Foster an awareness of resilience mechanisms specific to small countries and how to replicate and/or capitalize on these.
  • Document the progress made in addressing health information and data collection challenges in small countries through the Small Countries Health Information Network.
  • Finalize and endorse the Monaco Declaration on sustainable development and health.
  • Build a critical mass of media professionals in small countries to report on the social determinants of health, health inequities and sustainable development.
  • Introduce topics for the Fourth High-level Meeting to be held in 2017, hosted by Malta.