TB-REP Scientific Oversight Committee meeting

13 February 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

In November 2015, it was decided that members of the Technical Advisory Group on Tuberculosis Control (TAG-TB) are best placed to perform the function of Scientific Oversight Committee for the implementation of the Tuberculosis Regional Eastern European and Central Asian Project (TB-REP). To coincide with the TAG-TB meeting being held in Copenhagen on 13–14 February 2017, the Committee will meet on 13 February to discuss a range of topics related to TB-REP.

They will present and discuss key areas of progress, challenges, lessons learned and next steps in successful project implementation. After the meeting, Committee members will:

  • be aware of key progress and challenges, and how the latter have been addressed in TB-REP’s first year;
  • be updated on the details of different TB-REP components;
  • have discussed cross-linkages between these components and how they could be improved; and
  • be aware of planned activities and events.