Meeting of the measles/rubella subnational laboratories of the Russian Federation and 12th meeting of the measles/rubella regional reference laboratories of the WHO European Region

24-26 April 2017, Moscow, Russian Federation

These meetings, which will partially overlap, will focus on achievements, challenges and research in laboratory aspects of measles and rubella surveillance and on laboratory contributions to the measles/rubella elimination verification process in the European Region.

The meetings have the following objectives:

  • to update participants on progress and recent developments related to the Measles/Rubella Laboratory Network (MR Labnet) disease elimination programmes at regional and global levels and the regional verification process;
  • to review the progress and achievements of Russian subnational laboratories, regional reference laboratories and global specialized laboratories;
  • to discuss improvements of the laboratory sections of the measles/rubella Annual Status Update form to optimize the contributions of national reference laboratories to the regional measles/rubella verification process;
  • to update participants on the WHO Measles Nucleotide Surveillance database (MeaNs) and Rubella Nucleotide Surveillance database (RubeNS);
  • to provide an exchange forum between different levels of network laboratories and foster their mutual collaboration and with WHO,
  • to discuss upcoming MR Labnet activities, including trainings and country visits.