Quality of care: kick-off technical workshop and country coordination meeting

3–6 April 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan

The new WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care, in its efforts to move forward with implementation of the European Framework for Action on Integrated Health Services Delivery, has embarked on a renewed quality of care agenda. The work aims to bolster technical assistance to Member States and develop a common accountability framework for strengthening the governance of quality of care.

To launch the work on the agenda, the Centre will hold a technical workshop on 3–5 April 2017 and a one-day country coordination meeting on 6 April, convening representatives from selected Member States, experts and WHO staff. This will be an opportunity for an initial brainstorming, review and planning exercise in the context of rejuvenating quality of care.

The main objectives of the workshop and meeting will be to:

  • review the current context of quality of care in selected countries, drawing initial observations on key themes and similarities for further reflection and review;
  • seek comments on the analytical framework and agree on areas for further review; and
  • agree on the way forward for applying the revised tools in countries.