Details of plenary sessions and side events

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Plenary session 01: Opening of the Sixth Ministerial Conference

Plenary session 02: Status of and perspectives on environment and health in Europe: pressures on and opportunities for improvement of health and well-being

Plenary session 03: Finishing the unfinished business: sound environmental policies as the most effective public health tool for a sustainable future in Europe

SE 01 Cities and regions: building environmental and social resilience in the context of the global environmental changes

SE 02 Health sector’s role in addressing the environmental determinants

SE 03 Citizens and the health community – stakeholders for better health and better air

SE 04 Climate change adaptation and mitigation for European cities

SE 05 Protecting children from exposure to harmful chemicals to avoid irreversible damage

SE 06 New science to understand the impact of environment on health: exposome

SE 07 Water, sanitation, hygiene and health: closing the equity gap

SE 08 Informing and evaluating policies for chemical safety: HBM4EU, the human biomonitoring initiative in the European Union

SE 09 Environmental noise – the underestimated public health problem

SE 10 Success and challenges of youth participation in the European Environment and Health Process: from Parma to Ostrava and beyond

SE 11 Impact of industrially contaminated sites on human populations – a global environmental health priority

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Plenary session 04: Resilient communities in supportive urban environments

Plenary session 05: Maximizing the benefits for people of international and national environment and health policies

Plenary session 06: Global relevance and impact of environment and health policies in Europe

Plenary session 07: Exploiting less and producing more: economy of environment, health and well-being

SE 12 Scaling up active mobility in Europe: the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme from Paris 2014 to Vienna 2019

SE 13 Cleaner air – healthier life

SE 14 Advancing the elimination of asbestos-related diseases

SE 15 Health at the heart of the urban development strategy

SE 16 Towards environmentally sustainable health systems: harnessing the benefits of sustainability for better health

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Plenary session 08: Strengthening and accelerating progress: from commitments at the Sixth MinisterialConference towards better health, environment and sustainable development

Plenary session 09: Closing of the Sixth Ministerial Conference: adoption and signing of the Ostrava Declaration on Environment and Health

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