Report of the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health






Almost 1.5 million deaths per year in the WHO European Region are attributable to environmental risks that could be avoided and/or eliminated. There is therefore an urgent need to continue and strengthen efforts to address the leading environmental determinants of ill-health, such as air pollution, inadequate water and sanitation services, hazardous chemicals, waste, contaminated sites and climate change. The Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health was convened in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on 13–15 June 2017 to review developments since the previous ministerial conference, held in Parma, Italy in 2010. In a series of keynote addresses, panel discussions and side events, participants explored the new policy environment created by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, emerging environmental threats to health, in particular those attributable to climate change, the responsibility to promote environmentally sustainable health systems and the need for collaboration with sectors beyond health and environment and engagement with cities and regions, young people and the general public. The Ministerial Conference adopted by acclamation the Ostrava Declaration on Environment and Health, in which Member States commit themselves to drawing up a tailored national portfolio for action in seven priority areas and endorse the new institutional arrangements for the European Environment and Health Process.