European TB Laboratory Initiative (ELI) Regional TB and MDR-TB diagnosis workshop

Tuberculosis (TB) and particularly multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) remain major public health concerns in the WHO European Region. Timely and accurate laboratory diagnostic services that follow recommended biosafety measures are of key importance for controlling, detecting and treating TB and MDR-TB.

In light of the specific needs and high MDR-TB rates in the Region, the European TB Laboratory Initiative with its secretariat at WHO/Europe has developed supportive tools for TB and MDR-TB diagnosis and services based on the capacities and needs of the Region.

This workshop aims at bringing together laboratory specialists from the Region to strengthen their technical capacity in TB and MDR-TB diagnosis based on the ELI tools, using up-to-date recommendations and techniques. Furthermore, participants will be informed about biosafety and laboratory quality management systems to meet recommended standards.

Participants will include, among others, heads of national TB reference laboratories from high TB priority countries and high MDR-TB burden countries, ELI core group members from 11 countries of the Region and ELI members and partners from across the Region.
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