Cross-border health care: study visit to Lower Austria

20–22 September 2017,  Lower Austria,  Austria

The purpose of this study visit is to obtain an overview of the health-care structure of a small country, like Austria, and particularly that in Lower Austria, which participates in the Regions for Health Network (RHN). The main objective is to gain an insight into the region’s approach to cross-border health care.

Lower Austria is an example of a region that has invested much in recent years to improve the cooperation within the health sector. Through the Health and Social Fund of Lower Austria (Der niederösterreichische Gesundheits- und Sozialfonds – NÖGUS), the region has participated in several international projects, such as, the European Declining, Ageing and Regional Transformation (DART) project and two European Territorial Cooperation projects concerning cross-border activities between Lower Austria and regions in the Czech Republic. These were the first large-scale projects on cross-border health-care cooperation involving an old and a new EU Member State; which can be used as a model for other border regions.

The study visit will provide a forum for:

  1. showcasing the policies, programmes, projects and initiatives of Lower Austria related to cross-border health care;
  2. strengthening knowledge in this area for use in the wider framework of European strategic and policy development;
  3. networking and discussion, and for sharing information and experiences;
  4. other countries and/or regions to present their policies and practices in this field;
  5. WHO RHN to learn more about the policies, initiatives and programmes of its members, as well as their needs and interests in this area, and to reinforce the RHN policy and programmes of work.

More information is available at the NÖGUS website.