Strategic procurement workshop

27–29 September 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

WHO/Europe is pleased to announce its first strategic procurement workshop focused on the role of negotiations in medicines procurement, offered to targeted participants from interested Member States. It will deliver the 2.5-day course with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a WHO Collaborating Centre.

The workshop aims to support Member States in improving access to quality and affordable medicines. To do so, it will highlight the skill set involved in structuring and conducting effective negotiations with the pharmaceutical industry over product lifecycles through transparent public procurement practices. Further, it will frame medicines negotiations within the broader context of a country’s health and pharmaceutical policies as well as health financing goals.

The workshop combines negotiation theory, practical exercises and real case studies based on products and therapy areas that are of concern to participating Member States. It will enable participants to build on and apply their negotiation knowledge.

The objectives of the workshop are to help participants:·

  • build practical skills in preparing and conducting negotiations with a refresher on negotiation concepts;
  • understand obstacles faced by countries when planning and conducting negotiations to access new health products, maintain a competitive supply environment and/or manage entry of generics/biosimilars; and
  • integrate key learnings from the workshop into daily work.

The workshop will be delivered in English only.

Target audience

This workshop is targeted at national public procurement and negotiation experts involved in the planning, forecasting and/or procurement of medicines in their respective countries.


Participants are responsible for organizing and covering their own travel expenses. An information note on Copenhagen, public transport and hotels will be available.


Participation is restricted to national experts selected by ministries of health. The registration process will be open until 4 August 2017.