Regional meeting of national immunization programme managers

24–26 October 2017, Budva, Montenegro

This biennial meeting will bring together national immunization programme managers from 53 Member States (PMM).

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • present and discuss progress against the goals and objectives of the European Vaccine Action Plan 2015–2020 (EVAP) and consider the upcoming 2018 evaluation requirements and activities that allow the WHO European Region to assess its progress at the half-way point;
  • consult Member States on new WHO/Europe workstreams, including but not limited to defining equity and life-course approach in the European context, development of school- and game-based vaccination education, and development of an e-platform for regional data submission, analysis and feedback;
  • provide participants an opportunity to discuss country-specific case studies, considering key issues, challenges, and opportunities by technical subject;
  • discuss and share promising practices related to challenging issues within the Region, including:
    • supply disruptions and shortages
    • vaccine pricing and procurement legislation
    • sustainable financing and resource mobilization
    • vaccine acceptance and demand-side factors
    • effective vaccine management
    • maintaining the steady progress towards measles and rubella elimination
    • outbreak response measures and best practice
    • surveillance and data management challenges
    • hepatitis B control
    • poliovirus containment
    • risk and crisis communication best practice.