Training workshop on laboratory diagnosis of diphtheria

11–13 October 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus

Significant gaps in the capacity to diagnose diphtheria exist in a number of Member States of the WHO European Region. The largest gaps relate to laboratory training and to surveillance for all 3 potentially toxigenic diphtheria pathogens, namely Corynebacterium diphtheriae, C. ulcerans and C. pseudotuberculosis.

The main aim of this workshop is to strengthen participants’ skills and build capacity in the laboratory diagnosis of diphtheria. The expected outcome is the establishment of a formal, coordinated approach to strengthen diphtheria surveillance.

This meeting is a joint effort of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Diphtheria and Streptococcal Infections and WHO/Europe. Focal points in 12 of the Region’s newly independent states will be invited to attend.