How do we collaborate powerfully and accelerate targeted action? Second Expert Meeting of the Coalition of Partners Strengthening Public Health Capacities and Services in the European Region

28–30 November 2017, Helsinki, Finland

During the first Coalition of Partners (CoP) expert meeting in January 2017, participants initiated the development of joint proposals for implementing the actions set out in the draft Agenda for Action for the CoP. In the months following the meeting, 11 project proposals have materialized covering topics such as: building public health leadership; investigating public health competencies; human resources and the public health workforce; financing of services; and public health legislation. Currently, the CoP is working to initiate and collaboratively implement these projects in the WHO European Region.

Against this backdrop, the Public Health Services programme of WHO/Europe is convening the CoP for a second expert meeting to strengthen this key collaboration and promote further joint actions. The focal question for participants will be: How do we collaborate powerfully and accelerate targeted action to strengthen public health services across the European Region?

This is an open event, and all relevant decision-makers and experts from within national public health services, international organizations and academia are welcome.

Aim and objectives of the meeting

The aim of the meeting is to identify and seize further opportunities for the CoP to respond meaningfully and practically to the needs of Member States to strengthen their public health services, while reflecting on the jointly implemented activities thus far, and working towards a powerful and effective collaboration.


The expert meeting will follow a workshop format and take place over 2½ days. The emphasis will be on interactive sessions that allow for exchange of ideas and co-creation. Working languages will be English and Russian, with simultaneous interpretation provided.

The meeting is being organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Finland and will take place in Helsinki, Finland.

Further information

For further information, or to inquire about attending the meeting, please contact the CoP Secretariat (Anna Cichowska, Martin Krayer von Krauss, Danielle Agnello, James Ede and Natalia Olesen) via Ms Danielle Agnello (who will be the focal point for any queries in regard to this event) at