Workshop on seasonal influenza vaccination in south-eastern Europe

13–14 December 2017, Belgrade, Serbia

In 2003 in resolution WHA 56.19, the World Health Assembly urged Member States to increase vaccination coverage among older people and people with chronic illnesses to 75% by 2010. Despite efforts to increase vaccination coverage among key target groups, uptake remains low and has even declined in a number of European countries, including countries of south-eastern Europe.

WHO/Europe and the South East European Centre for Surveillance and Control of Infectious Diseases are jointly organizing a workshop to take place on 13–14 December 2017 to discuss challenges related to the implementation of seasonal influenza vaccination programmes in countries of south-eastern Europe and strategies to improve uptake in these countries.

Attending the workshop will be the national focal points for influenza immunization and surveillance, and people responsible for procurement of influenza vaccines.