Key questions on the agenda

The meeting will address the following questions.

  • How can health systems enable people to be more effective at managing their own health conditions?
  • How can citizens take action to reduce NCDs, such as hypertension, in their communities, while working side-by-side with primary health care providers?
  • How can nurses and other health professionals be enabled to play a larger role in NCD detection and management?
  • Can financial rewards spur primary health-care providers to become proactive in detecting and managing NCDs?
  • Is single-specialty practice in primary health care a dead end for scaling up early detection and management of NCDs?
  • What forms of integration between public health services and primary care services work for NCDs?
  • How can public health agencies be transformed to lead NCD prevention?
  • How can governments ensure sustainable public financing for NCDs?
  • How can information solutions help bridge gaps in health systems?
  • How can national and sub-national governments steer action-oriented policies for inter-sectoral action on NCDs?