The meeting is a forum for high-level representatives from the 53 Member States in the WHO European Region, relevant international organizations and selected nongovernmental organizations. Participants with diverse backgrounds representing a cross-section of health systems will engage in interdisciplinary dialogue.

They will include:

  • senior policy-makers and officials from ministries of health, finance, social protection, and other ministries and government branches responsible for overall health systems and/or NCD policies;
  • senior officials and/or experts from public health agencies with responsibilities for health promotion and prevention related to NCDs;
  • senior officials and/or experts in charge of policies, regulations, and relations with health service-delivery organizations, including primary and specialized care for NCDs;
  • senior officials and/or experts in funding and purchasing agencies working towards better contracts and incentives to step up early detection and disease prevention; and
  • representatives of national and local governments involved in intersectoral action.