11th Meeting on the WHO European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI)

22–23 May 2018, Vienna, Austria


To form a clear understanding of the progress of overweight and obesity in children aged 6–9 years, WHO set up COSI to measure trends of the epidemic in this population group. COSI’s fourth round of data collection is now complete.

The resulting data have enabled intercountry comparisons between the approximately 40 participating countries of the WHO European Region, as well as assessments of countries’ policy responses. This surveillance data is essential to inform policy development, indicate trends, and provide insights into the effectiveness and impact of actions taken.

Preparations are now underway for COSI’s fifth round of data collection, which will begin later in 2018. The upcoming COSI meeting will enable participants to share lessons learned, refine methods and improve COSI implementation.


The 11th COSI meeting will take place on 22–23 May in Vienna, Austria. Participants will exchange experiences, discuss national results and review methods and procedures in preparation for the next round of data collection. The main objectives of the meeting are to:

  • present the final report of the third round of data collection;
  • discuss results of the fourth round of data collection;
  • provide a training workshop on the interpretation, use and presentation of COSI data;
  • discuss ongoing WHO support for data collection, analysis and reporting; and
  • plan the fifth round of COSI data collection, beginning in 2018.