Third Coalition of Partners Expert Meeting on Strengthening Public Health Capacities and Services in the European Region

27–28 November 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Coalition of Partners (CoP) convened for the first time in January 2017 and again in November that year, hosted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland. As a result, several collaborative projects were initiated as part of its Agenda for Action, including developing tools and delivery of joint capacity-building activities at country level.

Against this backdrop, WHO/Europe and Slovenia’s Ministry of Health are convening the third meeting of the CoP in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 27–28 November 2018. This year, the meeting will be a satellite event of the European Public Health Conference, one of the largest conferences of public health professionals in the world.

Aim and objectives of the meeting

The aims of this expert meeting will be:

  • to incorporate the experience of CoP partners in implementing the Agenda for Action in European Region countries during 2018;
  • to co-create joint activities of the CoP for 2019;
  • to further refine and extend the foundations and partnerships underpinning the work of the CoP.

The objectives for the meeting will be as follows:

  • Learn from country coalitions: learn from the experiences of countries such as Slovenia and Poland in their efforts to establish country-based coalitions to build capacity and strengthen public health services. Strategize on how to collectively support this practice and the outcomes reached by these countries as part of efforts to replicate the coalition model in other countries in the European Region.
  • Facilitate technical assistance at the country level: evaluate tools identified for strengthening public health services at the country level and secure commitments for country pilots in 2019.
  • Plan and innovate: plan and agree on future activities of the CoP at the country and regional levels emphasizing co-creation, innovation, collaboration and shared responsibility for implementation.


This expert meeting will take place over 2 days in Ljubljana, Slovenia and follow a highly participatory workshop format established under previous meetings of the CoP. The emphasis will be on professionally facilitated sessions that enable interactive exchange of ideas and learning, co-creation of joint activities and partnership building. The working languages of the meeting will be English and Russian, with simultaneous interpretation provided.

Further information

For further information, or to inquire about attending the meeting, please contact the CoP Team at