Meeting of the WHO collaborating centres to strengthen capacity to tackle noncommunicable disease risk factors and to improve surveillance in the WHO European Region

5–6 December 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation

WHO collaborating centres working with noncommunicable disease (NCD) risk factors and surveillance will meet for 2 days at the WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of NCDs in Moscow, Russian Federation, to discuss how to generate better evidence, take more comprehensive action to tackle NCD risk factors, and strengthen NCD surveillance activities in the European Region.

The meeting will aim to:

  • Create a network of WHO collaborating centres working in NCD prevention and surveillance, and to identify how WHO/Europe could contribute to strengthening the collaborating centres – activating synergies and enabling stronger research capacity in the Region.
  • Familiarize participants from the WHO collaborating centres with the Best Buy actions and other priority areas of NCD prevention and surveillance in the Region.
  • Map the current activities of participating collaborating centres to identify gaps in evidence and expertise, and identify mechanisms to address these gaps.
  • Identify how the collaborating centres could contribute to the NCD prevention and surveillance activities carried out by WHO/Europe over the next 3 years, and develop an action plan with specific deliverables to support country implementation.

Despite the availability of strategies and action plans, the capacity to implement at country level varies significantly across the Region. The meeting will offer the WHO technical programmes an opportunity to work with the collaborating centres to identify how technical areas can be strengthened to build capacity in countries. The meeting will give WHO and the collaborating centres an opportunity to discuss the joint research prospects and set the agenda to achieve target 3.4 of the Sustainable Development Goals.