Autumn School on Health Information and Evidence for Policy-making

28 January–1 February 2019, The Hague, the Netherlands

The Autumn School on Health Information and Evidence for Policy-making is an interactive workshop that aims to enhance the capacity of countries to collect, analyse, report and make use of evidence for policy-making.

This will be the 6th workshop organized by WHO/Europe since the inauguration of the Autumn School in Izmir, Turkey, in 2013. Poland hosted the Autumn School in 2014, the Russian Federation in 2015, Romania in 2016 and Georgia in 2017. The Autumn School traditionally takes place in the last week of October. However, as it was not possible to hold the workshop at the usual time last year, it was agreed that the event would be held in January of 2019.

Participants will explore the full chain from data collection to policy recommendations for the Health 2020 indicators using (as much as possible) data from their own countries. This will include discussing and learning about:

  • national health information system components;
  • public health indicators in general, and indicators for health and well-being in the joint monitoring framework;
  • International Classification of Diseases, 11th revision;
  • burden of disease methods in the European context: knowledge synthesis and interpretation;
  • creative processes for developing data visualizations;
  • tools and good practices for narrowing the gap between research and policy-making, and focusing on the translation of evidence into policy.

The course is aimed at public health experts working at the interface of health information and evidence and policy. The Autumn School is organized by WHO/Europe’s Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation. It is an important capacity-building activity of the European Health Information Initiative and a key implementation tool for Health 2020 in the WHO European Region.