Policy innovation for active and healthy ageing in the WHO European Region: Regional workshop for national policy experts on healthy ageing

WHO/Malin Bring

26–27 February 2019, Moscow, Russian Federation

A two-day regional workshop will take place in Moscow, Russian Federation, on 26–27 February 2019 to review the current status of implementation of WHO European and global strategies on ageing and health in the context of rapidly ageing populations in Europe, the Region with the highest median age in the world. The meeting will discuss policy innovations and best practices, drawing on the wealth of experience of countries across the Region.

Workshop objectives

Representatives from all 53 Member States of the WHO European Region are invited to attend the meeting to:

  • review progress in countries with policies that address the health and social care needs of
    ageing populations and the opportunities of increasing longevity;
  • discuss innovations needed to achieve universal health coverage for older people;
  • learn about new WHO tools and recent policy guidance, and identify remaining gaps;
  • consider how to close gaps in evidence and improve monitoring systems to trace progress at national and international level;
  • discuss ways of strengthening international cooperation in Europe and exploring synergies between initiatives;
  • identify pathways for moving forward with a Decade of action on healthy ageing.

The workshop is expected to contribute to the exchange of good practices and experiences from participating countries and establishing a network of focal points for further advocacy and implementation of the Decade on healthy ageing.