Key questions on the agenda

  • How can we scale up implementation of the best buys to achieve SDG 3.4 and the 9 voluntary NCD targets in the Global Monitoring Framework?
  • How can we use good practices to achieve the SDG targets to prevent and control NCDs equitably?
  • How can we use settings like cities, workplaces and schools to tackle NCDs?
  • How can health promotion and health literacy be used to implement actions for NCDs?
  • How can improving the prevention and control of NCDs among refugees and migrants improve the health status of a population?
  • What will strategic partnership look like, including United Nations agencies and non-state actors?
  • What are the optimal strategies for mainstreaming mental health within the NCD agenda?
  • How do we approach actions on air pollution as part of the NCD agenda?
  • How can surveillance, monitoring and use of big data and new innovations support prevention and control of NCDs?