Objectives and expected outcomes

The WHO High-level Conference on Health Equity, hosted by the Government of Slovenia, is being held to take stock of advances in health equity and to discuss ways to accelerate progress towards healthier and more prosperous lives for all in the WHO European Region.

It has the following 3 key objectives.

  • Inspire action for health equity by sharing country experiences of preventing and reducing health inequities, and identify the factors needed for successful implementation.
  • Explore a range of approaches that are delivering improved policy coherence, enabling public engagement and increasing investment for health equity.
  • Galvanize existing platforms and partnerships and identify new mechanisms and opportunities to accelerate progress towards health equity.

Member States, international organizations and civil society organizations, including participants from both the health sector and sectors that impact health equity, will come together to set the European agenda for the next 10 years on increasing equity in health. Their discussions will focus on the following 3 areas of action.

  • Achieve – creating the essential conditions and removing barriers for everyone to prosper and flourish in health and in life.
  • Accelerate – levelling up well-being and prosperity for those being left behind through integrated policy and service solutions with people at the centre.
  • Influence – working to embed social values of equality, inclusion, fairness, human dignity and well-being into fiscal and economic policies.

A representative group of European countries is developing a conference outcome statement through the Conference External Advisory Working Group. If agreed at the Conference, this statement will be presented to the 69th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe for adoption in September 2019.