6th EVIPNet Europe multicountry meeting

3–5 September 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

The primary objective of this meeting is to bring together new and existing Evidence-informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) Europe members to:

  • further strengthen capacity in evidence-informed policy-making (EIP) with a focus on rapid synthesis in the context of rapid-learning health systems;
  • enhance network-wide communication; and
  • exchange experience, lessons learned and good practices related to avenues and actions for fostering research uptake at the country level.

Participants will also learn about the systematic use of evidence from the social sciences and health humanities in EIP.

EVIPNet Europe aims to promote the implementation and institutionalization of knowledge translation activities in its member countries to strengthen EIP on a national level. With the understanding that each country needs to develop its own capacity, EVIPNet Europe supports national stakeholders in gaining knowledge, skills and experience in the systematic use of evidence in health policy-making.

Boosting the systematic and transparent use of evidence in health policy-making requires continuity and human resources capable of undertaking knowledge-translation activities and implementing policies and programmes.