Conference of the WHO European Regional Polio Laboratory Network

24–26 September 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

The WHO European Regional Polio Laboratory Network comprises 47 laboratories located in 37 countries and is crucial for the investigation of suspected poliomyelitis (polio) cases, as well as the detection of any circulating polioviruses in the European Region.

The meeting will serve as a platform to review the work of the Polio Laboratory Network, to share best practices in implementation of poliovirus containment measures and to discuss future strategies in achieving the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) objectives. The conference will also provide an update on GPEI progress.

Key topics will include:

  • planned certification of global wild type 3 poliovirus eradication;
  • the new GPEI Strategic Plan 2019–2023;
  • recent developments in polio laboratory investigation methods;
  • European Region poliovirus containment status;
  • requirements for containment of poliovirus infectious and potentially infectious materials in accordance with the Global Action Plan on poliovirus containment (GAPIII).