Preventing Noncommunicable Diseases: A Workshop on School-based Nutrition and Physical Activity Promotion in the Russian Federation

Ivan Minovski

26–27 September 2019, Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation

Key stakeholders for capacity-building in school-based nutrition and physical activity promotion in the Russian Federation will gather for a WHO-led workshop to look for ways to prevent noncommunicable diseases through better school-based nutrition and physical activity nationwide. Participants will include delegates from over 40 pilot schools and city coordinators along with government officials from 12 city members of the national Healthy Cities, Districts and Villages Association.

The workshop aims to:

  • discuss school nutrition and physical activity programmes and ways of implementing them based on the systems approach and health promoting schools concept;
  • look into ways in which social and physical aspects of the school environment impact on nutrition and physical activity in young children;
  • identify barriers to healthy school nutrition and increased physical activity, and showcase success stories;
  • discuss the role of health staff at schools in promoting and monitoring school-based nutrition and physical activity;
  • define priority school-based interventions and develop a roadmap, identifying objectives, timeline, required resources and evaluation methods.

The workshop’s goal is to contribute to enhancing and creating healthy lifestyles through health promotion and improving access to healthy nutrition and physical activity facilities for specific population groups – primarily children and adolescents at schools, their teachers and parents, and entire communities throughout the Russian Federation.