Flu Awareness Campaign 2019

21–25 October 2019

The 7th Flu Awareness Campaign aims to increase uptake of seasonal influenza vaccination among risk groups, such as older people, pregnant women, young children and people with underlying health conditions, all of whom are more likely to develop complications from influenza. Health workers are exposed to the influenza virus on a daily basis during the influenza season, and also need to be protected by vaccination.

While vaccination remains the most effective measure to prevent severe disease caused by influenza, influenza vaccination coverage among high-risk groups has nonetheless been declining in a number of countries in the WHO European Region in recent years.

The Flu Awareness Campaign encourages vaccination among risk groups and health workers by providing basic media materials for use by Member States as a head start at the beginning of the influenza season. WHO/Europe also supports the Flu Awareness Campaign through the use of social media.

As a new form of support for the 2019 campaign, WHO/Europe is making available 3 videos encouraging vaccination uptake. The Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP) Framework financed the production of these videos.