RHN 12th annual conference. Evaluation of health policies and plans

11 November 2004, Valencia, Spain 

Evaluations are becoming an increasingly necessary component of health policy development and planning. In the modern climate of constrained fiscal and human resources, evaluations serve as a tool to guide the development and planning of effective policies. It is crucial to know whether existing health policies and plans are indeed appropriate to match the needs of the regions, and to secure a strong evidence base on which to shape future plans. Evaluation is more essential than ever before to determine the extent to which health policies and plans have been or are likely to be successful in achieving predetermined objectives.

The objectives of the conference were: 

  • to promote greater awareness of the importance of evaluation; 
  • to provide an overview of effective evaluation methodologies; and to 
  • engage conference participants in discussion and agreement on effective evaluation strategies related to the improvement of healthy life expectancy, health services, public engagement, and health equality.