WHO Annual Conference and Network Meeting on Prisons and Mental Health

18 - 19 October 2007, Trenčín, Slovakia

The main goal of the 13th annual WHO Health in Prisons Project (HIPP) conference on prisons and mental health, held in Trenčín, Slovakia, on 18 October 2007, was to review issues on mental health promotion, treatment and care in prisons and to develop recommendations for international collaboration in this field. The draft status paper on prisons and mental health was discussed during the conference.

A visit to the Trenčín Prison Hospital was arranged on 20 October 2007 for all network meeting participants.

All of the above events were organized by WHO/Europe together with the WHO Collaborating Centre on Health in Prisons (Department of Health, United Kingdom), the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (United Kingdom) and the General Directorate of the Prison Service of Slovakia.

The main outcome was the Trenčín statement on prisons and mental health.