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Better, brighter, bolder: discover the changes to WHO/Europe web site.

25 May 2010

We at WHO/Europe have redesigned our web site, with a new look and structure and revised and updated content. We have made these changes to help you quickly find the information you need, on a site that is attractive and easy to navigate.

Based on users’ feedback

The new design and structure were developed after extensive consultation with users. An online survey, detailed user interviews and input from the WHO Regional Committee for Europe all contributed to the site, and we thank you for your comments and suggestions.


To make the WHO/Europe web site the most reliable online reference for public health in the WHO European Region

Revised health topics: standardized, grouped by category, with more news

At users’ request, we updated information on health topics, grouped the topics in categories to make information easier to find, and made them easily accessible from the home page. Topic-specific news is available across the site, with highlights on the home page and news stories on topic sub-sites. To improve users’ experience, all health topic sub-sites follow a standard template, and contact information is available for every topic.

Sub-sites for all country offices

Now every WHO country office in the Region has its own sub-site: 29 in all. Again in response to user feedback, the sub-sites are standardized, include full contact details and give more news.

Publications: comprehensive overview with new search options

Over 3000 publications are fully cross-referenced both in the publications section of the site and on individual health topic sub-sites, as users asked. Users can search by keywords, topics and publication types (book, technical document, meeting document or promotional material). Every health topic sub-site provides a full list of related publications.

Clear, attractive design

The look and feel of the web site were redesigned using a colour palette of blues, with flashes of yellow and orange. Listening to users, we have added many more images to the site, and improved the home page, making sections such as country work and health topics more visible. The aim is to make using the site as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Accessible health data

Key data from WHO/Europe databases are now accessible not only from the topic sub-sites but also from the home page. The “Quick fact” box on the home page will be updated regularly. Country office sub-sites include a section on facts and figures.

Better navigation, focus on the Regional Director, topical news and features

Users can find information in different ways. The top navigation bar provides clear signposts describing each of the sections. On the home page, popular sections – health topics, countries and publications – are highlighted, and there are quick links to topic sub-sites, country sub-sites and publications.

Following the work and priorities of the WHO Regional Director for Europe, Ms Zsuzsanna Jakab, has been made easier. Her speeches, biography, photos and activities are easy to find.

The web site also enables users to be informed of new updates and content. Subscribers to our RSS feeds are automatically notified when new information is available. Journalists can subscribe to our mailing list for the media.


The web site is a work in progress, and we will roll out additional features and content in the coming months. Take time to explore the new site, and send comments and suggestions to webcomments@euro.who.int.