Addressing the socioeconomic safety divide: a policy briefing (2009)




By Lucie Laflamme, Dinesh Sethi, Stephanie Burrows, Marie Hasselberg, Francesca Racioppi and Franklin Apfel
2009, x + 26 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 4300 7

Injury and violence are a leading cause of death and disability in the WHO European Region. Wealth is a major determinant of health, and there is a steep social gradient of ill health due to injuries and violence. Addressing this important cause of inequity in health is a matter of social justice.

This policy briefing summarizes evidence on the socioeconomic safety divide from a large systematic review: Socioeconomic differences in injury risks. A review of findings and a discussion of potential countermeasures. It provides messages for policy-makers, researchers and public health advocates and safety planners on what can be done to address this safety divide. Action needs to be intersectoral; governments need to aim for equity across all types of government policies; and action needs to be taken both to make the social and physical environment safer generally and to target disadvantaged populations.