Children’s health and the environment in Europe. A baseline assessment



Edited by D. Dalbokova, M. Krzyzanowski and S. Lloyd
2007, vii + 125 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 7297 7
This publication is only available online.

This publication gives an overview of the establishment of an environment and health information system in Europe, whose aim is to provide up-to-date and reliable information about public health and the environment as well as the outcomes of methodological work.

It presents information on the scientific basis, framework and scope of the system together with plans for future developments. The system’s main product is an indicator-based assessment of children’s health and the environment in the WHO European Region in the context of the Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe. This assessment provides a baseline against which the progress and effects of action taken can be evaluated at the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health scheduled for 2009.

Targeted at policy-makers, public health professionals, epidemiologists and environmental science professionals, this publication offers a basis for action to prevent diseases and promote healthy environments.