Defining the tuberculosis research agenda for the WHO European Region: a study report of the European TB Research Initiative (2019)



2019, x + 39 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5431 7
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The WHO European Region incorporates 53 Member States with reported incidence of tuberculosis (TB) ranging from near elimination to rates exceeding 100 per 100 000 population. It includes 18 high-priority countries to end TB in the WHO European Region, nine of them in the top 30 countries with the highest burden globally of multidrug-resistant TB. Potentially untreatable cases of extensively drug-resistant forms of TB and an increase of HIV coinfection, if not adequately addressed, will threaten the Region's ability to achieve the 2030 End TB Strategy targets. A modified Delphi consultation of core experts in the Region was used to obtain a set of research questions. An online questionnaire was developed and submitted in a public consultation of stakeholders in the Region to produce a ranked and prioritized list. The prioritized research questions covered three thematic areas: (i) epidemiological research; (ii) research in basic sciences, new diagnostic tools, novel drugs and vaccines; and (iii) operational and public health research. This study is intended to provide a prioritized research agenda for TB in the WHO European Region to guide implementation research and strengthen evidence-based TB control policies.