Food and health in Europe: a new basis for action




Edited by Aileen Robertson, Cristina Tirado, Tim Lobstein, Marco Jermini, Cecile Knai, Jørgen H. Jensen, Anna Ferro-Luzzi and W.P.T. James
WHO Regional Publications, European Series, No. 96
2004, xvi + 388 pages
ISBN 92 890 1363 X
CHF 100.00
Order no. 1310096

This publication, aimed at health professionals, discusses in depth the components of food and nutrition policies and the evidence supporting them. It describes food- and nutrition-related ill health and its costs, shows the need for action and describes the steps for decision-makers to take. This book highlights the urgent need for integrated, multisectoral food and nutrition policies to encourage the sustainable production of food, its safety and the provision of food of high nutritional quality for all. A summary of the book’s content, aimed at policy-makers, was published in English and Russian in 2002.

Poor nutrition, foodborne disease and lack of secure access to good food make an important contribution to the burden of disease and mortality in the WHO European Region. Better diets, food safety and food security will not only reduce or prevent suffering to individuals and societies but also help cut costs to health care systems and bring social and economic benefits to countries.