The future of health – Health of the future. Fourth European Consultation on Future Trends



Edited by Keith Barnard
Published by Nuffield Trust
2003, 188 pages
ISBN 1 902089 89 8

The Fourth European Consultation on Future Trends, held in London on 13 and 14 December 1999, considered the prospects for implementing the HEALTH21 policy framework.

This publication summarizes the consultation, which was hosted by The Nuffield Trust and the WHO Regional Office for Europe. It explores the future environment of health in Europe, and anticipates future problems and opportunities. It benefits greatly from the Nuffield Trust’s own study “Policy futures for UK health”. The Nuffield Trust pioneers work and provides excellence in many fields of public health in which WHO shares common interests.

This publication will make a fundamental contribution to policy-makers’ efforts to translate health policy into practical action to shape the future of health, and the health of the future in the WHO European Region.