The health promoting school: international advances in theory, evaluation and practice



Edited by Stephen Clift and Bjarne Bruun Jensen
Published by Danish University of Education Press
2005, 509 pages
ISBN: 8776840123
Price: 325 DKK

This book brings together recent international thinking on the links between education and health, and recent research evidence evaluating the processes and outcomes of health promoting schools initiatives. The book arises out of the conference on education and health in partnership that took place in Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands in September 2002. The key aims of the conference were to focus on effective partnerships working for health in schools and to consider the evidence base for health promoting schools programmes. A significant outcome of the conference was the Egmond Agenda, which outlines the principal components for success in establishing health promoting schools. Contributors from across Europe, the United States, South Africa and Australia present findings from national health promoting school projects, with a particular emphasis on the promotion of mental health. The book will be of interest to all education and health professionals interested in the contributions of schools to promoting the health, empowerment, competence and well-being of young people.