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Chapter 1 A framework for thinking about health system efficiency
Jonathan Cylus, Irene Papanicolas, Peter C. Smith

Chapter 2 Measuring and comparing health system outputs: using patient classification systems for efficiency analyses
Wilm Quentin, Alexander Geissler, Reinhard Busse

Chapter 3 Using registry data to compare health care efficiency
Reijo Sund and Unto Häkkinen

Chapter 4 Management accounting and efficiency in health services: the foundational role of cost analysis
Christopher S. Chapman, Anja Kern, Aziza Laguecir and Wilm Quentin

Chapter 5 Health system efficiency: measurement and policy
Bruce Hollingsworth

Chapter 6 Cost–effectiveness analysis
Ranjeeta Thomas and Kalipso Chalkidou

Chapter 7 Cross-national efficiency comparisons of health systems, subsectors and disease areas
Jonathan Cylus and Mark Pearson

Chapter 8 Efficiency measurement for policy formation and evaluation
Anita Charlesworth, Zeynep Or and Emma Spencelayh

Chapter 9 Efficiency measurement for management
Alec Morton and Laura Schang

Chapter 10 Conclusions
Jonathan Cylus, Irene Papanicolas, Peter C. Smith