Improving children's health and the environment: Examples from the WHO European Region



By Leda Nemer, Christian Schweizer, Kathrin von Hoff and Ana Isabel Fernandes Guerreiro
2009, vi + 93 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 4185 0

The Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe identified the environmental risk factors affecting children's health in 2004. Thirty-three case studies document countries' experiences in implementing measures to address them since then.

These case studies describe initiatives from across the WHO European Region, focusing on the process of implementing each action, including the challenges and lessons learned. Two risk factors stand out: injuries and indoor air pollution. The sectors most often involved were health and education and the private sector. The predominant outcomes were an increase in knowledge, followed by a reduction of exposure to the risk factor and a change in behaviour. Most of the initiatives took place in educational settings.

By enabling countries to share their experiences, these descriptions serve as examples for further implementation of national children's environment and health action plans.