National Healthy Cities networks. A powerful force for health and sustainable development in Europe (2003)



By Leah Janss Lafond, Zoe Heritage, Jill L. Farrington & Agis D. Tsouros
2003, 90 pages
ISBN 92 890 1087 8
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National Healthy Cities networks are the backbone of the Healthy Cities movement in Europe. They provide political, strategic and technical support to their members, are a national resource of experience and expertise in health development, and offer a dynamic platform for public health advocacy at the national and international level. Each national network is unique. Each one develops in response to the needs of its member cities, with the resources available and within its own cultural and legal framework. This publication has two parts: analysis of the multifaceted work and achievements of national networks across Europe, and a profile of each network focusing on its special features, successes and aspirations.