Palliative care. The solid facts




Edited by Elizabeth Davies & Irene J. Higginson
2004, 32 pages
ISBN 92 890 1091 6
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Populations in developed countries are ageing, and more people now live with the effects of serious chronic illnesses towards the end of life. Meeting their needs presents a public health challenge. Traditionally, palliative care towards the end of life has been offered mostly to cancer patients. Aimed at health policy- and decision-makers, this booklet explains why health services should provide good quality palliative care for all people facing serious chronic illness. It provides evidence for the effectiveness of palliative care, shows how it can be improved, and explains the need to ensure full access. It also explores the varied cultural and health care contexts in different countries, and reveals how to educate professionals and the public about these issues. A companion booklet entitled "Better palliative care for older people" considers this vulnerable group in more detail.