Policies and practices for mental health in Europe. Meeting the challenges



2008, xiii + 191 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 4279 6
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Countries in the WHO European Region are committed to transforming their mental health programmes and activities, shifting from institutional practices to person-centred community-based care. This WHO report co-funded by the European Commission gives an overview of policies and practices for mental health in 42 Member States of the European Region. A very large majority of countries have made significant progress over the past few years, and several are world leaders in mental health promotion, mental disorder prevention activities, service reform and human rights.

Nevertheless, this report also identifies weaknesses in Europe, some systematic, such as a lack of consensus on definitions and of compatible data collection, and others such as the need for development and investment across several areas. It identifies gaps in information where further work must be done, and is a baseline against which progress can be measured towards the vision and the milestones of the Mental Health Declaration for Europe.

The data were obtained from the ministries of health of 42 European Member States. Over 150 figures and tables in the report demonstrate the diversity across the European Region, and allow country to country comparisons of indicators such as numbers of psychiatrists, financing, community services, training of the workforce, the prescription of anti-depressants and representation of users and carers.