Social inequalities in health in Poland (2012)



2012, xiii + 104 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 0283 7

Tackling inequities in health is a public health challenge gaining increasing prominence in Poland, as elsewhere. Effective policy responses are complex and demand the development of intersectoral, long-range strategies informed by evidence, along with whole-of-society approaches and strong international cooperation.

This study presents a first comprehensive summary of the current knowledge on the scale of health inequalities in Poland, the measurement methods used to assess them, and the risk of health inequalities in different age groups, populations and regions. The numerical data are supplemented by numerous accounts of preventive initiatives aimed at tackling health inequalities.

The study covers the determinants of inequalities at both macro and individual levels, and looks at two specific populations, children and adults. It ends with a set of recommendations on strategy and policy formulation, monitoring and coordination, on actions to improve the socioeconomic status of the population, and on public health interventions. This study is an important step in realizing the health potential of the Polish population and in contributing to a more fair and sustainable society, thereby reflecting the key values and goals of the new European policy for health, Health 2020.