A source book on implementing local environment and health projects

Compiled by Chris Church & Nick Wilson 
Published by Chadwick House Group
2000, 61 pages 
ISBN 1 902423 18 6
Free of charge

This publication was commissioned by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in conjunction with the Third Ministerial Conference on Environment and health held in London in June 1999. It is designed to be a source book to assist those preparing and implementing local environment and health projects. The book contains: 

  • background information on international policy
  • information on local environment and health services
  • good practice studies
  • information on designing a project
  • information on public participation
  • helpful forms for planning and running projects and
  • techniques for managing projects.

This publication is out of print, but free photocopies of the publication may be obtained from:

The Library
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Chadwick Court 
15 Hatfields
London SE1 8DJ, United Kingdom
E-mail: information@cieh.org
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