Support tool to assess health information systems and develop and strengthen health information strategies




2015, iv + 87
ISBN 978 92 890 5091 3
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Good health information supports public health policy-making. During its meeting in December 2013, the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee asked the WHO Regional Office for Europe to develop a practical tool to support Member States in developing and improving their national health information systems by developing national health information strategies. This would support countries in implementing the European policy framework, Health 2020. Good health information from strong national health information systems can help Member States identify areas for action to address Health 2020 priorities and evaluate the effects of Health-2020-related policies and interventions.

The support tool is based on existing tools developed by WHO's Health Metrics Network. This tool covers all the phases related to health information strategy development – from assessment of the current state of health information systems, through strategy development and implementation to evaluation. Moreover, it addresses all the different elements of health information systems, such as governance, databases and resources. This allows flexible use of the tool: Member States can either apply it as a whole or pick out specific phases or elements that require particular attention or have priority in their national contexts. The support tool has been set up to accommodate the diverse situations of health information systems and strategies within the WHO European Region.