The work of WHO in the European Region, 2006–2007. Biennial report of the Regional Director






2008, vii + 73 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 1412 0
This publication is only available online.

This report reflects the work of the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 2006–2007: serving its Member States and contributing to health in the WHO European Region.

In the last biennium, the Regional Office focused on offering country-specific services on health policy and health systems development tailored to each Member State. This publication offers interesting and illustrative examples of work done directly with countries to improve health and strengthen health systems. It also highlights the work done on health from a normative and technical perspective. Finally, it looks at the structure, resources and governance that enable the Office to perform as it does. An annex gives an overview of the programme budget and implementation. The report also describes cross-cutting issues – such as partnerships, health intelligence, communication and publishing – that run throughout the Office as they do throughout the report.