Editorial process

All manuscripts submitted to Public Health Panorama are initially screened by the editorial panel for scope, relevance and scientific quality. Suitable manuscripts are sent for peer review anonymously. The recommendations of at least two reviewers are considered by the editorial team to make a decision on a manuscript. Accepted manuscripts are edited for language, style, length, etc. before publication. Authors must seek permission from the copyright holders for use of copyright material in their manuscripts.

Submissions are promptly acknowledged and a decision to publish is usually communicated within two months. Accepted manuscripts are immediately published online as e-publications ahead of print.

Editorial members

The editorial structure of Public Health Panorama is threefold.

The Editorial Board is composed of international experts from academia, national institutes, WHO collaborating centres and WHO/Europe, who primarily act as scientific advisers and reviewers. The Editorial Board members support the journal in taking publication decisions, as well as identifying and promoting the journal's strategies, priorities and policies.

Journal reviewers constitute a long and continually growing list of public health professionals, policy practitioners, researchers, scientists and other experts with relevant expertise and background to be involved in a double blind review of manuscripts. If you would like to sign up as a peer reviewer, please submit your CV to eupanorama@who.int.

The Journal secretariat is responsible for establishing effective working processes and mechanisms. This includes communication with potential authors, peer reviewers and editorial board members; implementation and coordination of the publication process; public relations and advocacy of the journal; and development and maintenance of the journal website, the necessary electronic templates and the print versions.