Atlas des indicateurs sanitaires de base

The core health indicators comprise over 70 important public health indicators that reflect demographic and socioeconomic factors; mortality and morbidity; the coverage, utilization and resources of health systems; and behaviour, lifestyles and environments. These indicators are commonly used to monitor and assess health in a country and the results can help identify priorities for health policy. Member States collect the data annually for the European Health for All database maintained by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Core health indicators in the WHO European Region e-atlas

This atlas allows display of the core health indicators on a map and bar chart simultaneously, permitting comparison between the countries in the European Region as well as examination of time series (from 1980). Individual countries and the averages of specified country groups can be highlighted in a time series chart.

Core health indicators status comparison e-atlas

Users of this atlas can make more in-depth comparisons among countries, groups of countries and within the European Region. For a specified country or group, bar charts for each indicator can be displayed against others, including regional averages and quartiles for precise grading. Further visualization possibilities include a time-series chart, pie chart and map, displayed for the chosen indicator.